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This Week in iReport: Welcome to the new CNN iReport

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This Week in iReport

(CNN) -- What's new: Welcome to the new CNN iReport! Thank you to all 395,759 iReporters in 209 countries who have contributed 376,586 personal, shocking, sweet, urgent, impassioned, hilarious, beautiful, riveting, bizarre, smart and critically important stories to CNN's global news coverage in the past three years.

This week, iReport officially became part of We threw off our blue banner and our separate URL and moved inside the world's leading site for news and information. We did it because we know that together, CNN and iReport paint a more complete picture of the news.

Vroom, vroom -- Imagine getting a $42,000 tax break for buying a new car. That's what Colorado residents can do if they buy the new Tesla Roadster, an electric car that can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds. Car reviewer Roman Mica couldn't wait to go for a test drive.

Mystic masks -- Two New York University students shared a beautifully produced video about why people love to wear masks. You know, masks have a rich cultural history from ancient Athenians to modern Manhattanites. They're also a ton a fun every Halloween.

Happy Halloween -- iReporters shared stories of how they go all out for Halloween each year. We're talking extreme Halloween, from elaborate annual themed displays to a spooky take on the news. Oh, can you say balloon boy?