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Nancy Grace: Insider Exclusive!

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  • Nancy Grace's new novel, "The Eleventh Victim" is now out in stores!
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Nancy Grace: Insider Exclusive!

Nancy Grace sits down with one of the show's producer's, Stacey Newman, to talk about her new book, answer your questions, and respond to her facebook fans in this exclusive one-on-one interview!

Somewhere between juggling her beloved 21 month old twins, Lucy and John David, her nightly HLN show Nancy Grace, countless charities and crusading for victim rights, Nancy Grace found time (usually in the wee hours) to complete what she calls a labor of love. Grace's much-anticipated, new thriller "The Eleventh Victim" is now on bookshelves. Although the novel appears semi-autobiographical, including her strong resemblance to the book's main character, assistant DA Hailey Dean, Grace swears it's just fiction. Full disclosure: a Nancy Grace producer, I stayed up until 1am finishing the book, on the edge of my couch. Not because Grace is my boss or I wanted to make sure she didn't name me as the killer, but because I couldn't wait to get to the ending...and sure enough there was a major twist waiting for me. Nancy Grace sat down for an exclusive interview for our show's website,, to answer questions from friends of the show and Facebook fans across the country about "The Eleventh Victim".

Nancy Grace producer: Here's a question from your Facebook fans: I barely have time to read a book, so when did you find time to write this book between the show and the twins?

Nancy Grace: I started this book 10 years ago, when I first left felony prosecution. I was going to school at NYU, I launched a show with Johnnie Cochran at Court TV and was missing the courtroom so much. I wrote the book "Objection!" launched my HLN show with my executive producer, Dean, got married, got pregnant and gave birth. With the twins now at almost 22 months, I had to be put on a deadline by my publisher, Hyperion, and pushed by my mom to finally finish the book. I would work on this book on planes. I would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning writing, it was a lot of hard work.

Nancy Grace producer: Here's another Facebook question: What led you to write this book?

Nancy Grace: I wanted to try fiction since I was a little girl. I was fulfilling a long lost dream. I can hardly believe this is the book when I look at it now.

Nancy Grace producer: You said you started this book 10 years ago, how did you come up with this plot?

Nancy Grace: In the middle of the night while I was dreaming.

Nancy Grace producer: Here's another question from your fans on Facebook: You have said that it took a long time for you to write your book but I was wondering if everything that you went through, in that journey, added to the story? Would you have been able to write it the same way years ago?

Nancy Grace: NO! Time seasoned it and gave it a sense of humor. I was still in machine mode from prosecuting and there was not much to laugh at during that time.

Nancy Grace producer: Was it always your intention to use people familiar to you as characters?

Nancy Grace: All my characters are completely fictional.

Nancy Grace producer: How did you come up with that particular murder weapon, it's very unusual? And how the suspect would dispose of it?

Nancy Grace: I established a chef would be the last person she (Hailey Dean) prosecuted. It had to be something that would leave an unmistakable wound.

Nancy Grace producer: Another Facebook fan question now: What actors would you cast to play in a movie of your book?

Nancy Grace: Charlize Theron would play the main character, Hailey Dean. Gene Hackman would play the crooked judge, C.C., and John Malkovich would play the serial killer, Cruise.

Nancy Grace producer: Facebook fans want to know, will the book be put into an unabridged audio book?

Nancy Grace: Yes.

Nancy Grace producer: The book is semi-autobiographical, according to you, and the main character Hailey Dean becomes a therapist after moving away to start over after years and years of wear and tear from the courtroom...did you ever want to be a therapist?

Nancy Grace: No.

Nancy Grace producer: You have an extremely vivid imagination. Ever think of writing a screenplay or Broadway play?

Nancy Grace: No.

Nancy Grace producer: Your next book deals with the TV industry. Should certain executives in the business or your detractors be afraid?

Nancy Grace: Yes. I hope they are hiding under their beds right now.

Nancy Grace producer: What do you want people to get from this book, "The Eleventh Victim", besides pure entertainment?

Nancy Grace: The message of the book is the criminal justice system is not pristine. It's like wrestling with a get dirty and the pig likes it.

Nancy Grace producer: There's a rumor that you're going to work on a children's book. Is this true?

Nancy Grace: Yes. I've completed one already. The first one will be for children between the ages of 1 and 3. I'm searching for the right illustrator. The second children's book will be more involved and will be a huge undertaking.

(Written by: Stacey Newman, Nancy Grace Producer)

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