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MICHAEL JACKSON: Exclusive on the scene blog!

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MICHAEL JACKSON: Exclusive on the scene blog!

Thursday, July 16, 2009:

6:22 PM ET - Was there a security camera in the Jackson home that captured his collapse? According to reports, yes, but that video is now missing. I went back to the home Jackson was renting for $100,000 a month to find out about the security system. The police tape that once blocked off the area in front of the house is now gone yet replaced with a plain clothes security guard sitting in a black Ford F150 pickup truck. He tells me he has been there since 4 in the morning and isn't sure when he will get to leave. According to the security guard his company was hired by an undisclosed person or persons to keep a watchful eye on Jackson's former home since the day after he was transported through its large iron gates on June 25. He says he is not aware of any cameras inside the home but there are definitely hidden cameras all outside the property. Unfortunately he was not willing to point them out to me but I walked the perimeter of the property's gate and I was able to easily spot only one camera on the side of the home. There is also a call box to ensure home security, but there was not a camera around it that I was able to find. However, if there are cameras inside the home that captured Jackson's last hours remains to be seen. (From Natisha Lance, Nancy Grace Producer)

Friday, July 10, 2009:

1:27 PM ET - Which way did he go? That's the question that everyone is asking about Jackson's body. With the onslaught of media at the Pop Legend's memorial, how is it that not one person was able to follow the bouncing ball....or in this case...the golden casket. We are hearing reports of underground tunnels that exist beneath the Staples and Nokia center. So I went to check it out, and found least one part of it. There is an entrance, crawling with security and metal barricades on the east side of the building. I spoke to a guard who confirmed that this was indeed an entry way to get under the building. He called it 'private' and stopped me from snapping a picture. ...well, from that angle anyway. Luckily there is more than one way to take a picture. I also spoke to a different security officer on the Nokia side of the street. He was able to at least tell me that there are passage ways between the two buildings underground. However, showing me was not an option. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009:

7:55 PM ET - Richard Charnley, attorney for Michael Jackson's dermotologist, isn't saying as much as the doc he represents. Dr. Arnold Klein has finally broken his silence since the death of MJ, but his attorney is not following suit. Usually, it's he other way around. I had two very short conversations with Mr. Charnley, but he rushed me off the phone both times and turned down my request for a face to face least for now. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

6:28 PM ET - Who's the daddy? This is the question that has been swirling around the media and the public regarding Michael Jackson's children. According to several reports Michael Jackson is not the biological father of his three children. This morning Jackson's long time friend and dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, was questioned about rumors that he is the father of Prince, Paris, and "Blanket". His response, "All I can tell you is, best of my knowlege, I am not the father of these children. But I am telling you, If push comes to shove, I can't say anything about." Instead of clearing the air his vagueness left many in an even deeper state of confusion, including me. I stopped by his office to find out once and for all if he is in fact the father to the children. Although I made it past the front door I was told he was "unavailable".(see picture of the front door of his office) The answer to who is really the father of the Jackson heirs may never be answered unless the battle for custody gets messy. (From Natisha Lance, Nancy Grace Producer)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009:

2:09 PM ET - We stood along the road, in a designated area while we waited for the family and close friends of Michael Jackson to arrive at the Forest Lawn Cemetary in Hollywood Hills. One by one, we all watched a line of limo buses, SUVs and cars file in. All eyes and cameras were faced in one direction as the mourning motorcade decended upon the gated grounds to begin their day of goodbye to the King of Pop. Questions still linger as to where the legend will finally be laid to rest. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

Monday, July 6, 2009:

4:44 PM ET - Katherine Jackson, mother of the deceased king of pop, did not show up in court today. Just her attorneys were there, trying everything they had to keep her as the temporary administrator to the Jacko estate. The judge wouldn't even try to guess how much Michael Jackson was worth, as he set the bond at $1 million. On the other side, John Branca just stood on the side and let his attorneys do all the talking. No other players were in sight, but that didn't stop the strict rules we in the media had to abide by in the courtroom. We couldn't even lift our blackberries more than a few inches from our laps. We were told that doing so, would get us kicked out automatically and our devices would be confiscated and checked for photos of the proceedings. One woman was reprimanded by the bailiff for sitting on the arm rest of her seat. She was just trying to get a better view from the cheap seats. Michael Jackson still holds a lot of weight, even in death. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

Friday, July 3, 2009:

5:37 PM ET - Ken Sunshine holds his first public news conference since the pop legend's family retained him as their spokeperson. He would only speak about the family's intentions for the public memorial and would not take questions from the press regarding other speculation that has been in the media about Jackson's death investigation. In a statement yesterday, Sunshine blasted the recent coverage and all the false information coming from people who claim they were close to Michael Jackson. Yet, the chosen voice of the family has declined all interviews and skillfully dodged probative questions today. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

Thurs, July 2, 2009:

4 PM ET - Michael Jackson has been dead one week, but the barrage of fans and media has shown no signs of slowing down. At any given time throughout the day, fans can be seen walking up to the home, laying flowers and notes for the Pop icon. They sing and pay tribute while we in the media keep a watchful eye for any signs of the family. We are still waiting to hear where Michael Jackson will be buried. (From Marlaina Schiavo, Nancy Grace Producer)

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