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Phoenix police find more than 1,000 pieces of stolen luggage

By Melanie Whitley, CNN
  • More than 1,000 bags discovered at a home in Waddell, Arizona
  • Two suspects were arrested in connection with the missing bags
  • All the bags are believed to have been stolen from the Sky Harbor International Airport
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(CNN) -- Ever flown through Phoenix, Arizona, and had your bag go missing?

Well, Phoenix police may know where it is.

Detective James Holmes on Tuesday said police have recovered more than 1,000 bags from the home of a couple in a western suburb of the city. In helicopter video shot by CNN affiliate KNXV, dozens of pieces of black luggage were seen lined up in the front yard of the home in the shade of palo verde trees.

The bags were inside the home Keith Wilson King and Stacey Lynne Legg-King in Waddell, he said.

They were arrested Monday afternoon.

Phoenix Police Officer Luis Samudio said that during an investigation into missing luggage, they spotted King walking out of the Sky Harbor International Airport with luggage that allegedly did not belong to him and arrested him.

Officers later saw him back at the airport walking away with luggage again. They followed him to his home and executed a search warrant.

According to CNN affiliate KTVK, neighbors said they weren't surprised and actually were waiting for something to happen. They said the 62-year-old King would leave with a horse trailer at night and come back with it packed full. The neighbors said they never saw any horses.

King was arrested on a felony count of burglary and Legg-King, 38, is being held on a felony count of tampering with evidence as well as additional charges.

All the bags are believed to have been stolen from Sky Harbor.

Holmes said authorities are continuing to investigate what the suspects were doing with the bags and whether they had accomplices.