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It could be that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man Californians go to whet their political appetites.

But if it's real nourishment they're after, then there's another Austrian in the golden state they're far more likely to call on.

Wolfgang Puck is the celebrity chef to rival all others. With a range of high-end restaurants in Los Angeles, and a multi-million dollar food empire with tentacles spreading across the U.S., he's the Prussian with the Shakespearean surname who has conquered America. Watch Wolfgang Puck take CNN on a tour of L.A.

Coming to L.A., via Michelin-starred restaurants in France and the American Midwest, Puck built his reputation as much on the quality of the clientele coming through the doors as on the quality of the food and the innovations he introduced -- he's credited with inventing the designer pizza, for example.

In the city of the stars, Puck is the celebrities' celebrity chef. He opened Spago, his flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1982 aged just 28. Over the last three decades the place has become a haunt of the stars, with the cream of Hollywood returning time and again to sample the culinary fusion he called "California cuisine." See pictures of Wolfgang Puck's life Read full article »

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