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Here are a few tips on separating truth from fiction in Los Angeles, the city of dreamers.

Wander among the stars If your hopes of catching a glimpse of one of those elusive celebs are dashed, then simply tip your gaze to the sidewalk.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, that runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, is home to 2,000 stars inlaid in to the ground to commemorate the great and the good of the entertainment world.

It's an eclectic mix with everyone from Ronald Reagan to Lassie getting a mention. Further down Hollywood Boulevard, look down again to see the hand and footprints of the movie world's glitterati immortalized outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Watch Wolfgang Puck take CNN on a tour of L.A.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology Scientific fact and artistic fictions get curiously interwoven at this museum dedicated to the weirder side of life on Venice Boulevard. The institute's inspiration goes right back to antiquity and the original definition of a museum as a place "where man's mind could attain a mood of aloofness above everyday affairs." Although the name might suggest model T-rex's and pterodactyl bones, the museum actually holds an amazing array of natural wonders, including ants with spikes growing from their heads, and other oddities, such as an exhibit about the dogs sent into space by the Soviets. See pictures of Wolfgang Puck's Los Angeles Read full article »

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