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On Business Traveller in April...

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  • April's CNN Business Traveller examines the three 'R's: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Is the travel industry sacrificing green initiatives for profit in troubled times?
  • We see what airlines, hotels are doing to boost their green credentials
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(CNN) -- In April, CNN Business Traveller examines the impact of the global economic downturn on the travel industry's efforts to go green.

What is the airline industry doing to reduce its carbon emissions?

What is the airline industry doing to reduce its carbon emissions?

Are companies sacrificing their environmental initiatives in a bid to save money?What is the definition of 'being green' in the travel industry, anyway?

How relevant are the 3 'R's' of reduce, reuse and recycle in the context of that other 'R' word -- recession?


The aviation industry has long been criticized for the volume of carbon emissions it pumps into the atmosphere. Airlines and airframe manufacturers are trying to make a difference though. Research and development is underway to find a viable alternative to jet fuel and with the Boeing Dreamliner and Airbus' A530 aircraft are becoming more and more fuel-efficient.

CNN's Adrian Finighan visits the Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland to see what airlines are doing to become more green.


The more visible sign of an environmentally responsible hotel might be a sign in the bathroom asking guests to reuse their towels. But behind the scenes, some hotel chains are more inventive.

CNN's Business Traveller reports from San Francisco, where the Marriott hotel recycles its waste as fertilizer in a vineyard. It then sells the wine produced there under the label "Trash Wine" in its hotels. It also uses recycled cutlery out of potatoes, called "Spud Cutlery."


Instead of throwing away your old mobile phones, blackberries and laptops, why not donate them?

CNN Business Traveller profiles Computer Aid, a company that sends refurbished computers to schools, health units and not-for-profit organizations in developing countries.

CNN's Christian Purefoy reports on the program from Nigeria, and highlights the problems of illegal dumping, broken goods being sold on the black market and the risks to locals' health by handling toxic parts.


Finally, CNN Business Traveller visits artist Dave Hall of Moto Art in Los Angeles who turns old planes into art.

In the Mojave Desert, Hall dismantles parts of a Boeing 737 and brings them back to life; a wing section may become a desk while a landing gear is transformed into a lamp stand.


CNN Business Traveller airs at the times below:

Wednesday, April 8: 0830, 1730
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Sunday, April 11: 0430, 1730
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