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Misbehaving managers

by Thomas Cooper, CNN
Arsene Wenger and Mark Hughes exchange words during an English League Cup quarterfinal tie.
Arsene Wenger and Mark Hughes exchange words during an English League Cup quarterfinal tie.
  • Mark Hughes accuses Arsene Wenger of "not knowing how to behave" after a defeat
  • Wenger has been involved in confrontations with several managers before
  • He had a fierce rivalry with Alex Ferguson which subsided with Arsenal's declining fortunes
  • Jose Mourinho has achieved particular notoriety, especially while at Chelsea

(CNN) -- Such is the level of pressure heaped on football managers, it is unsurprising that now and then they might say or do something that gets them into trouble with someone.

The latest incident has seen Manchester City boss Mark Hughes accusing Arsenal's Arsene Wenger of "not knowing how to behave" after the Frenchman refused to shake the Welshman's hand after the Gunners' 3-0 English League Cup defeat on Wednesday night.

It is not the first time Wenger has made the headlines for the wrong reasons, but he is certainly not alone. Fanzone takes a look at football's top-five misbehaving managers.

1. Arsene Wenger

In recent years, Wenger has been involved in touchline confrontations with Tottenham Hotspur counterpart Martin Jol and West Ham's Alan Pardew, and exchanged words with Jose Mourinho. But his most bitter rivalry has been with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. For about a decade, the two clubs contested for the English Premier League, with the two coaches engaged in a volatile war of words.

The rivalry reached a peak in 2004 when United ended Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten streak with a 2-0 win at Old Trafford. After the match both coaches and players exchanged words before a slice of pizza was allegedly flung into Ferguson's face -- the incident has been referred to as 'Pizzagate' or the 'Battle of the Buffet' ever since. Tensions have since subsided.

2. Alex Ferguson

Ferguson's mind games over the past year have mostly been reserved for Liverpool's Rafa Benitez and referees. It was a stinging criticism of the latter that has arguably caused the Premier League's biggest controversy this season. After Manchester United grabbed a late equalizer at home to Sunderland, Ferguson in his post-match press conference proceeded to label referee Alan Wiley unfit in comparison to continental officials. After the threat of a lawsuit, Ferguson offered an apology -- albeit a fairly half-hearted one.

3. Luis Aragones

In his native Spain, Aragones will likely be remembered for leading the country to their first major trophy since 1964 when they won Euro 2008. Elsewhere it might be for when, in a training session in 2004, he was filmed making a racially offensive remark about Thierry Henry in an attempt to motivate the Frenchman's then Arsenal teammate Jose Antonio Reyes. The comment caused a particular storm in England, with many in the media calling for Aragones' job. He was later fined $3,425.

4. Diego Maradona

Maradona has been no stranger to controversy throughout his career, and has kept up that trend since becoming Argentina manager. In October he launched a scathing and foul-mouthed outburst at those who had criticized him during Argentina's qualifying campaign. The rant caused FIFA to ban him football for two months and fine him $24,603.

5. Jose Mourinho

For all his success in football management, Mourinho is equally well-known for his brash and cocky manner, a trait that has caused fans to love and loathe him in equal measure. His penchant for speaking his mind has seen him accuse referee Anders Frisk of consorting with then Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard at half-time during a Champions League tie (the official later retired due to the aftermath, having received death threats). Also while in charge of Chelsea, he once labeled Wenger a "voyeur."

Less verbally, he risked the ire of Liverpool fans when he proceeded to shush them during the 2005 League Cup final after Chelsea scored. The most memorable occurrence came during the London club's 2005 Champions League quarterfinal versus Bayern Munich. Banned from the game, it was reported that Mourinho was secretly wheeled in and out of the changing-rooms in a washing basket, and that during the game he fed information to fitness coach Rui Faria through an earpiece under his hat.