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Manager Wenger resists urge to spend

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One-on-one with Arsene Wenger
  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has told CNN he will never spend beyond his means while at the club
  • Wenger has placed a strong emphasis on development of youth talent since he has been with Arsenal
  • The Gunners boss also revealed he is uncertain whether he will still be involved in management in a decade's time.

(CNN) -- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has exclusively told CNN that the English Premier League club will always live within their means and resist the urge to go on a spending spree while he remains at the helm.

The Gunners chief has often been criticized for not splashing the cash in the transfer market in pursuit of silverware but Wenger argues his fiscal approach is a more sustainable model.

"You can see in sport that a manager is always under pressure to buy because to buy reassures people," Wenger said.

"I am always insisting that in our job you should live with your resources, because it is always defendable that you make money if it is linked to the income you earn inside the club, it is not anymore if it is not linked to the income made inside the club.

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"There is never too much money, what is important about the money is the way you use it. Ideally you want everybody to have a lot of money available but the danger comes with the way you use it.

"It has always been the reality here and that's always why I have always defended so much the way we live, the way we play and the way we manage.

"We have a different view because we try to integrate the players after they have worked hard into the first team. And this job requires special people but it demands as well a special force to give a chance to young players."

You can see in sport that a manager is always under pressure to buy because to buy reassures people.
--Arsene Wenger

Wenger also believes defeats suffered by Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool -- as well as his own side -- suggest that this season's English Premier League title race could be the most even in recent years.

"The Barclays Premier League is more open this season, more competitive than ever, because we are now at nine games for us, 10 for most of the others, every team has lost two games at least," Wenger explained

"If you multiply that by four you could say that is nearly 38 games, you could say that some teams could lose seven or eight games, if it goes like that until the end, the Premier League title winner would have lost seven games at least.

"The championship is a marathon and at the end the strongest one wins the race. So to do well in the Champions League is fantastic but you need to be strong in the league as well."

Wenger also revealed to CNN that he is likely to call time on his managerial career within the next decade having recently celebrated his 60th birthday.

He added: "I don't know if I would be happy [managing at 70] and if you had asked me that question when I was 50, if I'd be happy still managing at 60, I would have said no. So I learn from that so that is why I say I don't know.

"It is impossible [to say how long I will go on] first of all because you have to consider that that decision does not only depend on me.

"Secondly, when you reach a certain age the distance in front of you becomes shorter, and then as well at some stage you know this is a job that demands a lot of physical strength, you have always to test yourself how much you can manage all that.

"At the moment it is not a problem, I still feel in good shape, but of course you see more and more now, people, Ferguson is 67, you have some exceptions in this job but you have to be on alert and test yourself, have you still the animal force that needs to be behind every manager."