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Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has no immediate plans to retire and intends to remain in charge of the European and English champions "as long as he can," he told CNN in an exclusive interview.

Ferguson, who has won the Champions League twice with Manchester United, also revealed how he craves more European success and feels that United have not won all that they could have during his more than two-decade reign at Old Trafford.

Asked who he thought would be his successor at United, Ferguson said: "I don't know what the club thinks about who the next manager is going to be but hopefully it's not for another two or three years because I intend to stay on as long as I can."

Ferguson, who is 67, also said he wanted to win "a couple more European trophies" before he quits. What do you think about Alex Ferguson's comments? Have your say.

"If there was one challenge I would love the club to win more European trophies then they have done and I think up to this point, quite a few times over the years, I don't think we've won the number we should have won," Ferguson said. Read full article »

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