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Mayweather talks up Pacquiao fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has called Manny Pacquiao "one-dimesional."
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has called Manny Pacquiao "one-dimesional."
  • Manny Pacquiao is the new WBO welterweight world champion
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. used to hold the WBC title in the division and is undefeated in 40 fights
  • Mayweather's fight with Oscar De La Hoya gave a record $77 million payday for fighters
  • A Pacquiao bout with Mayweather expected to eclipse this total

(CNN) -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. has said he is ready to make the big-money fight with newly crowned WBO welterweight world champion Manny Pacquiao happen.

After victory in Las Vegas over Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto on Saturday, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach said the "whole world" now wanted to see a fight with Mayweather.

Reacting to the proposition the undefeated 32-year-old, who formerly held the WBC title at welterweight, told British broadcaster Sky Sports: "If he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather all he has to do is step up to the plate."

The twice-voted Ring magazine fighter of the year added that he felt Pacquiao's approach was one-dimensional but the Filipino would be a favorite with the crowd.

"The thing is with Pacquaio I don't see any versatility as a fighter; he's a good puncher but just one-dimensional. Is Pacquiao the greatest?

If he wants to fight ... all he has to do is step up to the plate
--Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"The world's going to go 'wow' if Floyd Mayweather gets beaten. That's what everyone is looking to see.

"If I beat Manny Pacquaio do you know what they are going to say? 'You are supposed to beat him, you are Floyd Mayweather, you are the bigger man'. If I knock him out they'll say 'you're supposed to knock him out he's been knocked out before'.

"I'm in a no-win situation and when I beat him no one is going to be surprised because he's been beaten before; whatever I do to Pacquaio has been done before - he's been beaten on three occasions. And if I knock him out I don't want the world shouting because he's been knocked out twice before."

If the fight goes ahead it is expected to challenge the mark set by Oscar De La Hoya's bout with Floyd Mayweather for the most profitable in history.

Money generated from pay-per-view subscriptions earned the two fighters an estimated combined total of $77 million in 2007.

Mayweather, whose nickname is "Money," said: "If I go out and make $60-75 million in one night; come on - I'm not losing."