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Ferguson on European glory and Ronaldo

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You can watch the full interview with Sir Alex Ferguson on CNN on Friday starting at 0630 GMT.

(CNN) -- In an exclusive interview with CNN, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said he still wants to win more Champions League titles before he retires in a few years time.

"If there was one challenge I'd love the club to win more European trophies than they have done and I think I've made this point a few times over the years. I don't think we've won the number we should have won. There have been years when we've been unlucky and years we've been disappointed, and there've been years when we've thrown games away, and that sort of gives a kaleidoscope of what football's like really in a way so therefore if we could win a couple more European trophies I then would definitely quit."

Ferguson also spoke about star winger Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese international has risen to a life of fame and fortune and Sir Alex admitted that the club had to help him adjust.

"I think that he's had temptations and I think there have been periods when you've seen that effect of it...and you know he's lucky in the sense that people here can tell him the truth and be straight with him and he appreciates that and he has responded to that. He's never allowed it... there have been peers or young players that see the success, we all like to read about, and like press, get the publicity, and they all like that. And they're no different to anyone else. But if it stays with him and changes him as a person then you have a problem. Fortunately Ronaldo has good human qualities. He's a good guy and he knows, he knows the time of day. He knows when he's gone too far and he draws back in after that."

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