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'Walk-on-water' with affordable sailing toys

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  • MainSail profiles six top water-toys for cheaper fun in the water this summer
  • The Seabob scooter can propel a person through the water like a fish
  • The Iceberg wall is the ultimate water toy for the whole family
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By Mike Steere
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Fragile finances are likely to rule out buying a boat for many this summer but that shouldn't mean the end of all water-based pastimes.

Underwater scooter: The Seabob Cayago will move you like a fish with its 7hp motor.

Underwater scooter: The Seabob Cayago will move you like a fish with its 7hp motor.

MainSail presents you with some of the coolest toys for slightly more affordable fun on the water.

Seabob Cayago scooter: Do you want to become a human fish this summer? This water and diving scooter is purported to be the fastest of its kind, with a 7hp electric motor.

Hydradome BOB: If you want to take the motorized diving experience to a new level, the Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB), is the ideal machine. This submersible can cruise underwater at two knots while the rider sits in comfort.

Hovpod: For high-speed fun on and off the water, the Hovpod hovercraft should be your gadget of choice. The Hovpod will take you across any flat surface at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour).

Powerski Jetboard: This machine is a cross between a surfboard and a jet-ski. Capable of up to 35 knots, the Powerski Jetboard lets you surf without the surf.

Walk-on-water ball: For cheaper and more simple fun on the water, the Nuclear Globe Walk-on-water ball is perfect. The heavy-duty PVC ball can keep you fit and you can even stay dry if you want to.

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Iceberg Wall: If you're entertaining plenty of people, the Iceberg Wall looks like a great time. Coming in either the 2.5 meter or a massive 4.9 meter size, the Iceberg offers safe climbing, sliding and jumping for everyone.

See our Photo photo gallery » of this summer's top six toys for fun in the water, thanks to SuperYachtWorld.

For more sailing news and more about the super-yacht industry, visit CNN's MainSail homepage here.


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