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'Dog' catches fugitive after cameras capture shooting

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  • Duane "Dog" Chapman's bounty-hunting team finds man who allegedly fired shots
  • Colorado Springs police find no gun, shell casings or bullet holes at scene
  • Chapman says the man apologized for shooting at the team
  • The whole episode will air on the A&E TV series "Dog the Bounty Hunter"
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By Alan Duke
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(CNN) -- When a fugitive fired shots at bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tuesday night, cameras were rolling for his reality TV show, Chapman said.

Duane "Dog" Chapman, shown in Hawaii this month, "does not carry lethal weapons," his Web site says.

Duane "Dog" Chapman, shown in Hawaii this month, "does not carry lethal weapons," his Web site says.

The man, later captured by Chapman's wife and son, apologized to the Chapmans for shooting at them, Chapman told CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday night.

Police found no gun, shell casings or bullet holes, but Chapman said several people on his team saw the revolver and heard the gunfire.

Chapman's wife, Beth, suggested one reason for a lack of evidence was the "crime scene was quickly overtaken by our fans."

"There [were] at least 100 people on the scene," she said.

"The police were having a very hard time cordoning off the block and they couldn't even do a thorough search of the whole parking lot."

Hoang Nguyen, who authorities said had jumped bail on a domestic violence charge, was caught five hours later by Chapman's bounty-hunting team, Chapman said. Video Watch the Chapmans describe chasing the suspect »

Nguyen was jailed on a probable cause warrant of attempted murder, based on Chapman's statement, and for the failure-to-appear warrant in his domestic violence case, according to Colorado Springs Police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock.

The attempted murder charge -- for shooting while fleeing -- will likely be dropped because no gun was found, Chapman said.

The Colorado Springs District Attorney will make the decision, Whitlock said.

When the man was finally "taken down" early Wednesday, "Dog" Chapman spoke to him about the shooting, Beth Chapman said.

"Dog said to him 'What are you doing, shooting at my family? You can't even do that. I'm getting upset that you tried to take shots at my family.' And our fugitive basically told Duane, 'I'm very sorry about that,'" she said.


The whole episode will be just that -- an episode -- on the A&E TV series "Dog the Bounty Hunter," which chronicles the life of Chapman and his bounty-hunting family.

"I think we missed a couple shots," Chapman said.

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