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Robin Thicke has sexual healing in mind

By Shanon Cook, CNN
Robin Thicke offers listeners some "Sex Therapy" on his new album.
Robin Thicke offers listeners some "Sex Therapy" on his new album.
  • Robin Thicke's new album, "Sex Therapy," is full of songs from a love man
  • "Sexy" is confidence with humility, Thicke says
  • Among the album's guest stars: Jay-Z, who joins in on "Meiplé"

New York (CNN) -- Need a little therapy to get you through the holidays? Singer Robin Thicke hopes you'll consider a little therapy of the -- ahem -- sexual kind.

His new album, "Sex Therapy," has the 32-year-old channeling Marvin Gaye and Prince to turn up the heat on that signature falsetto. With lyrics like "push you up against the wall, turn you out and turn you on," this is a baby-making album to be sure.

"In my case it is," laughs Thicke, whose wife, actress Paula Patton, is expecting the couple's first child in May. It's a boy, says Thicke, and they've already chosen a name -- Julian.

Here are some snippets from our recent chat:

'Sexy' explained

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"I think that the word sexy embodies confidence with humility. If you just have confidence but you don't have any humility that's not sexy. But sexy is something on the inside. Soulfulness is sexy; love is sexy. Fashion is sexy."

Picking a favorite from the album

"The sexiest track would have to be the single 'Sex Therapy.' That's the one that promotes sensuality. But then there's a love song called '2 Luv Birds,' which is about a couple that falls in love at first sight and then goes through all the ups and downs and the tribulations. In the end there's reconciliation and they realize that they were meant to be together forever. That's kind of a true story for me."

On working with Jay-Z on the song 'Meiplé'

"Jay-Z has actually been great to me over my career, even before I had a hit record. He was always very supportive, always believed in me, and so I always wanted him to do a record with me.

"But you've gotta be careful. You don't want to just send Jay-Z any song. So I just decided to let him come and hear the whole album and if he wants to pick a song then it'll be his choice. So he listened to the whole album and he picked this song 'Meiplé' where I'm taking my woman to France on a vacation and spending all my money on her and living lavishly. It's a fantasy song and when he put his rap on it he's in Saint-Tropez with Beyonce and it's a party."

The best non-Robin Thicke song to make love to

"That's so hard because sometimes you want to hear something like Marvin Gaye or R. Kelly. And then sometimes you put on a little Jimi Hendrix and it gets a little wild, a little 'Crosstown Traffic,' you know what I mean."