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Nick Jonas for president?

By Sharon Cotliar,
A run for presidency may be in Nick Jonas' future.
A run for presidency may be in Nick Jonas' future.
  • Nick Jonas has a new solo career and a new band, Nick Jonas and the Administration
  • The band's name is a nod to Elvis Costello and Jonas's fascination with the presidency
  • It's possible he may run for president himself one day
  • Jonas said fans shouldn't worry; the Jonas Brothers are still together

( -- Nick Jonas is just getting started.

As he launches a solo career with a new band, Nick Jonas & The Administration -- a 14-city tour that kicks off January 2 and a new album, "Who I Am," due out February 2 -- the 17-year-old singer-songwriter admitted his ambition is still yet to be satisfied.

Asked to explain his new band's name, Jonas, an Elvis Costello fan, said, "It's a play on Elvis Costello & The Attractions ... It's also [a nod to] my fascination with the presidency."

Likewise when it comes to some of the song titles: "The Rose Garden," "Olive & An Arrow," "Conspiracy Theory" and "State of Emergency."

So does Nick plan to run for president one day?

"Possibly," he said. "We'll see what happens. I guess this is kind of the start to my campaign."

In the meantime, the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers assured fans that his new band does not mean the end for the singing siblings.

"This is a side project," he said. "It's something that can coexist with the Jonas Brothers."

Fans can tune in to see Nick Jonas & The Administration perform on Wednesday's Grammy Nominations Concert Live at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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