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Danish film: Four to Watch

By Neil Curry, CNN
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Danish films to look out for
  • Danish films have been winning fans and prizes at festivals worldwide this year
  • Lars von Trier's 'Antichrist' won a large, international audience after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival
  • Denmark hopes "Terribly Happy" will earn the country its third Oscar for Best Foreign Film

London, England (CNN) -- Danish films have been winning fans and prizes this year, with a broad range of hits from controversial "Antichrist" to budget documentaries about Burma.

Not since before the First World War, when Denmark was among the world leaders in cinema, have Danish films received so much acclaim.

Lars von Trier's horror film "Antichrist" won a global audience following its premier at the Cannes Festival Festival, but other movies have also been connecting with fans worldwide.

Denmark has won two Oscars for Best Foreign Film in the past and has high hopes for its new submission "Terribly Happy."

For those wishing to explore a little further into Danish film, here's a taste of four films worth checking out:

'Burma VJ'
A hard-hitting documentary about video journalists fighting a dangerous battle for democracy in Burma. "Burma VJ" was among the 15 documentaries short listed for this year's Academy Awards.

The winner of Rome Film Festival's top prize was another Danish film "Brotherhood," about a secret gay love affair within the somewhat dangerous setting of a neo-Nazi skinhead group.

Another Danish festival favorite this year is "Applause," a film about a divorced actress battling alcoholism in hopes of winning back her two sons.

'Terribly Happy'
This year Denmark submitted "Terribly Happy" for the Academy Award's Best Foreign Film prize. "Terribly Happy" features an urban policeman who becomes a divisive misfit when he's transferred to a new post in a rural community.