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Love them or hate them, when it comes to remakes, it seems the only thing people can agree on is that they more often than not stir controversy.

The fall festival season has seen its own showdown of late over "Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans," Werner Herzog's remake of the Abel Ferrara original. The Herzog film premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month and also played at Toronto.

Ferrara hasn't disguised his distaste over the re-imagining of his 1992 film. "He can die in hell," Ferrara told Filmmaker Magazine last year when he learned that Herzog was going to remake the film. He went on: "I hate these people -- they suck."

Besides causing directors to fall out, remakes can also infuriate viewers, especially when they fall short of the hype -- "Psycho" and "Planet of the Apes" come to mind. What are the best and worst movie remakes? Tell us the films ripe for a makeover -- and those that should never be touched.

In the case of "Bad Lieutenant," Ferrara's original featured Harvey Keitel as a jaded and corrupt New York City cop who is addled by drugs, engages in sexual abuse and has a bad gambling habit. Read full article »

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