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Jon Gosselin break-in a 'publicity stunt'?

By Suzanne Zuckerman and Michael Y. Park,
Jon Gosselin's apartment was allegedly vandalized over the Christmas holiday.
Jon Gosselin's apartment was allegedly vandalized over the Christmas holiday.
  • Jon Gosselin claims that ex Hailey Glassman vandalized his apartment over Christmas
  • A letter was allegedly written by Glassman and pinned to the dresser with a butcher knife
  • Glassman and Gosselin did split the cost of rent, but Glassman's attorneys deny all claims

( -- Jon Gosselin is in yet another he-said-she-said situation -- only this time, it's not with ex-wife Kate Gosselin but with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Jon Gosselin, 32, said that his apartment was ransacked and his belongings vandalized over Christmas -- and hints that all signs point to Glassman, 22, as the perpetrator.

When he returned to his New York City pad on December 26 after spending the holiday with his kids, he was "horrified ... to observe his furniture, clothing and personal belongings slashed by a very troubled and sick perpetrator," Gosselin's attorney Mark Jay Heller said.

What reportedly clued Gosselin into a possible link with Glassman, who split with the reality-show dad in recent weeks? A note that she'd allegedly written, pinned to his dresser with a butcher knife.

But, said Glassman's attorney, Anand Ahuja: "Somebody is trying to frame my client."

And who's an obvious suspect for that kind of crime? How about an attention-starved Gosselin?

"I don't know anything about any note and I can't confirm it at this time," Glassman's other attorney, Stephanie Ovadia told PEOPLE. "This appears to be a publicity stunt."

Glassman did take items from the apartment, on which she split the rent with Gosselin -- but everything she took belonged to her, according to her lawyers.

Gosselin "told her the apartment would be padlocked because he had not been paying rent, and she should go there and take whatever she wanted," Ovadia said.

But Gosselin's camp is hellbent on justice. His lawyer, Heller, vowed to "vigorously" pursue "felony charges."

Even so, Glassman's reps aren't rattled.

"My client had nothing to do with this," Ahuja said. "As far as she is concerned, it's a hoax."

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