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Britney Spears, there's an app for that

By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky
For just $1.99, fans can always have the answer to "what is Britney Spears doing now."
For just $1.99, fans can always have the answer to "what is Britney Spears doing now."
  • Britney Spears is just the latest celebrity to get an iPhone app
  • Spears's app, which costs $1.99 offers an "it's Britney, bi**h" function
  • Shaq, MC Hammer and Coldplay also have applications

( -- Because celebrities haven't taken over every millimeter of your existence quite yet, some intrepid folks of note are coming to an iPhone near you.

That's right, having your favorite celeb at your fingertips 24/7 is the wave of the future. Last week, Britney Spears joined the trend, launching her very own iPhone app, "It's Britney!" For the modest cost of $1.99, you can easily get messages, news, photos, and Twitter updates from Brit. There is even a sparkler feature, so when you go to her next show you can hold up your phone instead of a lighter.

The best feature though, in my opinion, is the Shake Shake Shake option, which makes your phone yell, "It's Britney, bi**h!" every time you shake your phone. All in all, this sounds like ... a big waste of two dollars.

Push Shaq: For $1, you will receive an instant notification whenever Shaquille O'Neal updates his Twitter account. I'm wondering how that is different from checking his Twitter page obsessively for free? I call foul on this app.

Hammer Time: Everyone ... it's Hammer Time! For 99 cents, you can keep tabs on has-been MC Hammer. The latest from Hammer? His comeback tour with Vanilla Ice was canceled for the second time. I think I might purchase this one just because no one else will.

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The Chad Ochocinco Experience: For all of you football fans out there, you may want to purchase the Chad Ochocinco Experience for $2.99. You get whereabouts, stats, photos and sound bytes from one of the NFL's most colorful characters. You can also ask the man himself for advice through a "What Would Ocho Do?" feature. I'm not into football, but this app sounds like it could be fun.

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Coldplay "Strawberry Swing": Okay ... this is my kind of app. Free and fun. This app features the new video for "Strawberry Swing" off the "Viva La Vida" album, all of the band's previous videos, and a "Strawberry Swing" video game where you can help Chris Martin rescue a princess from flying squirrels. Yes, please!

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