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Taking on stereotypes in 'the Locker Room'

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  • Hattie Lemon created show to merge loves of sports and media
  • "Ladies" offers commentary, analysis and trivia
  • Lemon and her crew are traveling to the Super Bowl next week
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By David Banks
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(CNN) -- Online and on the air, talking about sports has almost always been a guy thing. Former athletes and coaches banter on a more-or-less equal footing with other guys who've never played a down or never hiked a ball but have a head full of stats and an encyclopedic knowledge of the manly arts.

Meshall Shuman zooms in on Hattie Lemon at a recent taping of "Ladies in the Locker Room"

Meshall Shuman zooms in on Hattie Lemon at a recent taping of "Ladies in the Locker Room"

It's almost insulting to say the obvious, but there are plenty of women who know their sports, too. And they have their own sports show, one that offers an alternative to the "testosterone ceiling" of the guys' club.

It's called "Ladies in the Locker Room," and TV subscribers in the Atlanta, Georgia, area have been tuning in to its unique brand of sports commentary, analysis and trivia since 2004. Video Watch the 'Ladies in the Locker Room' »

The show is the brainchild of Hattie Lemon, a prolific writer, director, producer and actor whose independent crime series "Atlanta Homicide" is featured on the CoLours TV network.

"Ladies in the locker room are not women who think they know everything about sports; they just know the men who do," Lemon said. It's one of the catchphrases she uses to describe the show that immediately disarms most critics who otherwise wouldn't respect an all-female sports show.

"It's all women, all sports, all sexy," Lemon said. "It's a combination of my love of sports and my love of media."

Each year for the past five years, Lemon has recruited a new group of personalities and production crew members to punch out about a half-dozen shows. The show is captured live at sports clubs and restaurants across the Atlanta metro area, with additional time in the studio to create produced segments to add to the mix. Photo Photo gallery: Making 'Ladies in the Locker Room' »

And for the second time in the show's history, Lemon is traveling to the Super Bowl with a handful of her ladies and a production crew to create a version of the show featuring interviews with the celebrities and stars flocking to football's big game.

Soma Balber, a self-professed superfan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and one of the show's commentators for the 2008-09 season, first got to know Lemon when she began playing a recurring role in "Atlanta Homicide." They got to talking about sports, and Balber was asked to be a part of the show.

"It's kind of nice to show the audience that women can have fun watching sports," Balber said. "And we want to educate women about sports as well."

Lemon, who describes herself as a huge fan of professional football, says she hopes her show will lead more men to understand that women love sports, too.

"When women talk about sports, sometimes men look at us as groupies," Lemon said. "Men don't think women understand sports."


As for men who have never played sports but still know all the stats? They get the "man pass."

It's not fair, she says, but "it is what it is. I just hope we get more women talking about sports."

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