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Jack Quavis doesn't shy away from heated political discussions; in fact, he encourages them. Politics is an ever-present topic in his one-room barbershop in Buffalo, New York.

He's the owner of Taylor Mae'd Barber Shop, an old-fashioned place with one distinguishing feature -- customers can share their thoughts on camera about current events while Quavis trims their hair.

"I'm tired of the average person not being heard," he said. "At the barber shop, guys will open up. Everybody's eager to talk about something."

Politics, though often a taboo subject at social events and many workplaces, is the topic of choice in his shop, said Quavis.

There's one barber chair used for haircuts. The others form a makeshift seating area. Photos and bumper stickers cover the walls, along with a handful of ponytails from past customers. Read full article »

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