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Where to sleep at boyfriend's parents' home

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  • It can be awkward for unmarried couples to visit his or her parents' home
  • Ask your significant other where you should sleep before reaching parent's home
  • If parents made up the guest room, that is where you should rest your head
  • If they OK sharing one room, you might reconsider if you know they're old-fashioned
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By Persia Ali
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(The Frisky) -- You're finally meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's family and are spending the weekend at their home. That's a lot of pressure, as it is, especially given the question that looms. Where do you rest your pretty little head at night? Do you share a bed with your honey or do you retreat to a lumpy couch and spend your nights in solitude?

Asking for sheets to make up the couch, is a safe way to discover where his parents want you to spend the night.

Asking for sheets to make up the couch, is a safe way to discover where his parents want you to spend the night.

Here are some possible scenarios that may play out when you get to his parents crib.

The first thing you want to do is ask your significant other what you should do. Try to get a feel from them on how their parents would feel about the situation before you start making assumptions.

Scenario: The parents have made up the guest room or sofa bed for you.

Handle it: Perfect. There is no confusion here. Your boyfriend/girlfriend sleeps in one room. You sleep in another. Don't be offended. It's only for a few nights anyway. You can always make out in the laundry room when they aren't looking. Obviously they have strict rules and don't want their baby shacking up with someone that isn't officially part of the family.

Scenario: The parents tell you to take your bags upstairs and you can sleep in your significant other's room.

Handle it: Now does this mean your S.O. is sleeping in the room with you? This is way too ambiguous for my liking; you would not want to start off on the wrong foot with the parents by slipping into your S.O.'s bed automatically like it was yours. Play it safe. You could say, "Oh I put some of John/Jane's things in my bag. Where should I unpack his/her belongings?" Hopefully mom or dad's answer will give you an indication of whether you're sharing the bed or not.

Scenario: The parents say the two of you can share his room.

Handle it: How cute. This must mean they are cool with you two playing footsie in the same bed your sweetie used to wet.

If you want to try and, you know, be respectful, maybe you should say something like, "I don't mind sleeping in the guest room or on the couch." That way your S.O.'s mom doesn't think you two are -- gasp! -- fornicators. And she's less likely to pass judgment on you. She may tell you she doesn't mind you two sharing a bed but depending on how old-fashioned she is you may want to insist on another room, at least for this first visit.

Scenario:: At the end of the night the parents go to bed and don't say anything about sleeping arrangements.

Handle it: Well dang. Now what? You could be polite and ask them where they would like you to sleep but that may be awkward and uncomfortable. "Yo, Mrs. Beasley, am I crashing on the couch or should I go snuggle up next to your baby?" Try the slick approach. "Where do you guys keep the sheets so I can make up the couch to sleep on?" There should be no confusion with that.

Still don't know where to sleep? Go get yourself a hotel room.

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