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How to keep little trick-or-treaters safe and healthy this Halloween

By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent
  • Halloween is almost here, prompting concerns about health and safety among parents
  • With one out of every three kids overweight or obese, calorie-counting may be necessary
  • Darkness and unwieldy costumes can pose safety hazards

(CNN) -- Halloween is creeping up on us -- and as kids anticipate the occasion with excitement bordering on mania, parents often express concern.

Two of the worries topmost on parents' minds when it comes to their little trick-or-treaters: health and safety.

At a time when roughly one out of every three kids in the United States is overweight or obese, candy calories may be a new Halloween consideration. Calories can really add up for little ghouls and goblins as they pick up handfuls of sweet treats as they move from house to house. We'll show you just how many calories kids can consume in a short period, and look at what it takes to burn them off.

How many calories is your child consuming?

Checklist: Costume safety
  • Obesity
  • Halloween
  • Candy
  • Exercise and Fitness

Nighttime wandering, draping costumes that can tangle feet or worse, catch fire -- those are two of the safety concerns parents need to consider. Here are some great tips on how to keep kids safe as they troll the neighborhood.

Checklist: Is your child's costume safe?

CNN's Sharisse Scineaux contributed to this report.