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It has been almost 30 years since Maggie Rajnic lost her leg in a motorcycle accident. Since that time, she's tried to stay competitive, not allowing her disability to alter her life.

But for years Rajnic has been looking for a way to improve her strength and endurance. Four months ago she found it at the LA Boxing gym in Rockville, Maryland.

Designed to teach responsible and injury-free boxing, the gym offers group sessions in the sport, which is much like an aerobics class but with punch.

Combining boxing, kickboxing and a mixture of martial arts, class participants use bags, jump ropes, weight machines and funky music to get fit. Although the gym offers one-on-one sparring as well, the gym's manager, Felix Pagan, said many members choose to battle a bag in group class.

For Rajnic, the class was everything she had been looking for. Not only did she lose 25 pounds and inches from her waist, but she also gained the confidence to participate in a marathon -- something she never thought she'd do. She credits it to boxing. "It creates agility where I don't have the agility or the mobility [because] of a missing limb," she said. She added that the program has helped her develop "a fitness component to my body that I've never been able to achieve before." Read full article »

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