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It's not just slathered on crackers and bagels.

Peanut butter is everywhere.

Products including Trader Joe's celery with peanut butter packs and nutrition bars from Clif Bar, NutriSystem and Luna are among the 125-plus products recalled in a salmonella outbreak.

Cookie dough, candy and even dog treats have been affected as authorities attempt to track down what products contain the contaminated peanut butter and peanut paste.

Peanuts' heavy presence in snacks is creating a complicated federal investigation after an outbreak of salmonella typhimurium in 43 states. The bacteria have sickened at least 486 people, killing six, and have been linked to products manufactured by the Peanut Corporation of America in its Blakely, Georgia, plant. Learn more about salmonella Read full article »

CNN's Miriam Falco contributed to this report.

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