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Investigators are making "very delicate moves" in probing the killings of a Florida couple known for adopting special-needs children, the local sheriff said Friday.

Seven people have been arrested on murder charges in the July 9 killings of Byrd and Melanie Billings, whose funeral was held Friday. An eighth person faces charges as an accessory after the fact.

"We are now at a phase in this investigation that is much like master's-level chess," Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan told reporters. "We are making very delicate moves. We are very concerned about any misstep that we may take or that we may make that would jeopardize the successful prosecution of the individuals we currently have in our custody. This is a difficult, difficult thing to do, so please bear with us." Watch sheriff say more will be revealed Read full article »

CNN's Aaron Cooper, Susan Candiotti, Mike Phelan, Ed Lavandera and John Couwels contributed to this report.

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