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Holman: I don't advocate Tiller's murder, but I don't condemn it

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  • Dan Holman says his group speaks for preborn children in different venues
  • Holman: "I believe all abortionists are deserving of death"
  • Holman: Politicians who give tax money to groups that do abortions deserve death
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(CNN) -- CNN's Drew Griffin interviewed Dan Holman of Missionaries to the Preborn Iowa about the recent murder of Dr. George Tiller, whose women's clinic frequently took center stage in the debate over abortion.

Tiller was shot and killed while serving as an usher at his Wichita, Kansas, church Sunday morning, according to police.

Below is a transcript of Holman's interview.

Drew Griffin: Dan, first off -- tell me about your group, and what you guys do and the name of it.

Dan Holman: OK. We are Missionaries for the Preborn Iowa. There [are] a number of Missionaries of Preborn. The group in Milwaukee is our judiciary of preborn. And we speak up for preborn child in different venues including the abortion rallies and on the street, political venues. And media types and venues like we are doing right now.

Drew Griffin: When you heard the news over the weekend about the abortion doctor -- that I'm sure you are well aware of -- was shot and killed, what was your reaction?

Dan Holman: I was cheered by it because I knew that he wouldn't be killing any more babies. And I expect that would happen when all legal and moral -- legal ways of trying to stop it has been exhausted, as they have tried to prosecute him for giving abortions to people in violation of Kansas law.

Drew Griffin: When you say you were cheered by it, is there any inconsistency in your thought in that you are trying to protect life and at the same time here's this doctor who was shot and killed and in your own words you are cheered by that?

Dan Holman: No, because I'm protecting innocent life. I'm not -- and the doctor or the abortionist is guilty of murder as far as I'm concerned. It's no different for him to be killing a preborn child or a post-born child. The preborn child is entitled to the same rights, privileges and protections as a post-born child.

Drew Griffin: So, you support this killing?

Dan Holman: I don't advocate it, I don't support it. But I don't condemn it, and I believe that what he did was justifiable.

Drew Griffin: You told me earlier that he -- meaning the shooter -- he did what the law should have done?

Dan Holman: Right, exactly. The law should have protected the preborn child; and the law is supposed to execute vengeance, you know, in protecting the child. But what the man did was not execute vengeance, as far as I'm concerned. He was protecting preborn children, ones that are slated for abortion today and the future. I don't feel that what he did is vengeance.

Drew Griffin: Do you seek this fate on all doctors performing abortions out there?

Dan Holman: I believe that all abortionists are deserving of death, and they are not the only ones. There are politicians and judges and others who support this murder that are also deserving of death.

Drew Griffin: Would you care to name names, Dan?

Dan Holman: George Bush, Barack Obama. Any politician that gives our tax money to Planned Parenthood and organizations that kill babies are participating in the killing of innocent children deserve the same penalty.

Drew Griffin: Huh. And you, again, stage a weekly protest at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Iowa City. Your wife has been banned from doing that?

Dan Holman: Right. She has a -- they -- she's received an injunction from being there.

Drew Griffin: But you will be there this Wednesday?

Dan Holman: I will be there this Wednesday.

Drew Griffin: And you were at Notre Dame?

Dan Holman: Yes, and we were at [unintelligible] before that.

Drew Griffin: Right. All right. Well, Dan, thank you so much for the interview.

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