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Prosecutors to Caylee's mom: Show us the money

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  • Casey Anthony due back in court on Wednesday
  • Prosecutors want to know how her defense is being paid
  • At arraignment, Anthony swore she had no assets
  • She is accused of murdering daughter Caylee, who was 2
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By Philip Rosenbaum
Nancy Grace Producer
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NEW YORK (CNN) -- Prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder case are having their own "show me the money" moment, demanding that Anthony show how she's paying for an expensive team of lawyers and expert witnesses.

Casey Anthony denies bartering rights to her story for legal services.

Casey Anthony denies bartering rights to her story for legal services.

A court hearing is set for Wednesday morning to determine whether Anthony will have to say where she's getting the money for her defense.

She's charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and has an October trial date.

In a motion filed in Circuit Court in Orange County, Florida, prosecutors wrote: "... the defendant's seeming conversion from pauper to princess did not come from the sale of some tangible asset available to her prior to her initial arrest on charges related to this case.''

The document cites a bond hearing in July at which it was revealed that her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, had ''little, if any, net worth,'' and Casey Anthony had none.

Casey Anthony's only tangible asset, according to prosecutors, is her story ''or otherwise valueless items, such as photographs or video tapes, which have value only because of her story.''

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Since Anthony, 23, is behind bars, prosecutors argue, she could not arrange to sell the photos or videos herself.

They say only her attorney, Jose Baez, is in a position to make such deals. Prosecutors say this could present a conflict of interest and possibly shape the way Baez handles the case to make the story more valuable.

The defense, in its filed objection, called for an end to "speculation" about how Anthony would pay her legal fees. Baez's retainer agreement ''does not contain any clauses allowing him financial gain based on selling the rights to Ms. Casey Anthony's ''story'', the document stated. Video Watch the latest report from CNN's Nancy Grace »

Prosecutors also expressed concern that Anthony could later use the conflict of interest claim to say she did not get a fair trial. Prosecutors are asking for a waiver to prevent Anthony from making those claims down the road.

In a sworn affidavit, Anthony says her retainer agreement does not contain any clauses entitling Baez to sell her story or Caylee's.

In handwriting at the bottom of the affidavit, Anthony accuses one prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, of being vengeful.

"I believe that Mr. Ashton is angry because I have refused to take a plea agreement for a crime that I did not commit.''


Anthony was arrested on July 16, while Caylee was still missing. The little girl's remains were found in December, wrapped in a plastic trash bag left in the woods near the Orlando home of her grandparents. Police documents say the skull was wrapped in duct tape.

Anthony is expected to attend the hearing Wednesday, set to begin at 10:30 a.m. ET.

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