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About six years ago, the hottest name on a Web site set up by retiring Delta pilots was Marcus Schrenker.

"We had this site so we could all talk to each other for advice on retirement options, company news and mainly what to do with our money," said Joe Mazzone, 57. The Auburn, Alabama, pilot was looking for the right person to invest the nest egg he and his wife had spent decades growing.

"Go with Marcus, that's what I kept seeing. You could trust this guy. He was a pilot, and he understood us," said Mazzone, who gave Schrenker several hundred thousand dollars. "Talk about a regret."

Schrenker was found Tuesday night at a Florida campground with deep cuts to his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. He had been on the run from federal authorities for three days.

The 38-year-old Indiana financial adviser is accused of trying to fake his death Sunday by making a bogus call to air traffic controllers that the window on his six-seater plane, which he scheduled to fly from Indiana to Destin, Florida, had imploded and he was bleeding, police say. Read full article »

CNN's Kathleen Johnston and Drew Griffin contributed to this report.

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Pilot's friend on 'King'
A friend of Marcus Schrenker's talks to Larry King about what may have driven the pilot to an apparent suicide attempt.
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