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Anger, disgust, despair over BA strike threat

By Phil Han, CNN
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BA threatening holidays?
  • Nearly one million people may be affected by British Airways strike
  • Angry travelers have flooded Internet forums to share their ruined holiday plans
  • The planned industrial action will run for 12 days from December 22
  • British Airways in court to prevent strike by union representing cabin crews

London, England (CNN) -- Passengers who face having their travel plans disrupted over the holiday period have been speaking of how their hopes and dreams have been wrecked by the planned British Airways strike.

Cabin crews working for the airline are due to walk out on December 22 until January 2 -- impacting nearly one million passengers who face ruined wedding plans, missed vacations and being stuck in airport terminals instead of spending Christmas with family and friends.

"My sister won't have her mother and father or family around her on the day of her own wedding," Nicola Kirkbride, who planned to travel to South Africa from England, told CNN affiliate ITN.

"Most of her wedding party are actually going on British Airways -- it's going to be a complete disaster."

What's the advice for travelers affected by the strike?

Her young daughter Lily was also planning to travel to South Africa with her mother to be the bridesmaid at her aunt's wedding -- a prospect that now looks highly unlikely.

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"I'm very sad and very worried that I'll never have the chance to ever be a bridesmaid again," Lily said.

Other angry travelers sent messages of despair and disgust to iReport over the planned industrial action and how it would impact their vacation plans with friends and family.

Tell us your BA troubles

iReporter Jacky Rappoport, 25, of London, England, was counting on British Airways to fly her 62-year-old mother to England from the U.S. for the holidays.

Rappoport had planned to take her mother on a trip to Greece for the first time.

"It has been her lifelong dream to visit," she said.

Rappoport booked her ticket through Expedia so she is waiting to see how the refund would work. She said she is upset British Airways didn't offer refunds immediately after news of the strikes.

"They should have been a responsible company and said, 'No questions, we will reschedule or give you your money back -- and not make you wait and panic," Rappoport said.

Another iReporter said he had planned to travel from Australia to Europe for a ski vacation over the Christmas period with her young son.

"I find the news of industrial action by way of holiday strike deplorable both on the part of the staff and the company," "doughie123" wrote from Newcastle, Australia.

"I have had a ski trip booked from Australia to Geneva with my six-year-old son for some time with all accommodation and transfers prebooked, and now we wait with baited breath and hope that common sense will prevail and this strike will be avoided."

Duncan Edwards told CNN UK affiliate ITN that he had booked British Airways for a flight to New York City from England with his wife over the Christmas holidays -- and had already booked bus tours and even a Broadway show.

"Our Christmas was going to be New York, and we had a full itinerary planned -- and then yesterday the news of the BA strike came, and it's terrible that we as customers need to suffer," Edwards said.

"We chose BA for the prestige of what the airline is -- it shouldn't be happening, it's disgusting."

What's the advice for travelers affected by the strike?