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15 arrested in Bahrain over 'terror plot'

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(CNN) -- Fifteen people were arrested in Bahrain on Wednesday for what government officials said was a plot to detonate explosives during a series of Shia Muslim observances.

The group planned to explode canisters filled with flammable liquid and iron balls during Shia observances of a pair of national celebrations this week, national security officials said in a written statement.

Tuesday was National Day, a celebration of the day in 1971 when the British withdrew from Bahrain, making it an independent emirate. Wednesday was Accession Day, the 37th anniversary of when the emirate's king took the throne.

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The planned attacks "were meant to disrupt public security and threaten the lives of citizens during the celebrations ...," according to the statement. "The efforts of security personnel, however, succeeded to foil this attack."

The statement said investigation continues and more details will be released to the public later.

CNN's Caroline Faraj contributed to this report.

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