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Former Russian model killed in carjacking

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  • Russian model-turned-bodyguard Anna Loginova killed in Moscow during carjacking
  • Loginova recently told a magazine that she fought off a car thief four months ago
  • For many Russians she was a feminine icon, bridging glamorous and crime world
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From Matthew Chance
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MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- Russian authorities are investigating the recent killing of a model-turned-bodyguard.


Anna Loginova in a photo shoot for the Russian edition of Maxim magazine.

Anna Loginova, a 29-year-old former successful model, ran a private security firm of female bodyguards, highly trained in martial arts, demanding high prices to protect Russian billionaires.

One notable client was Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu.

A carjacker pulled Loginova out of her Porsche Cayenne Sunday in Moscow. Loginova grabbed onto the door handle as the car picked up speed and she was dragged along the street before letting go as the car sped away.

"An intruder just threw her out of the car" Russian police stated, "She grabbed the door handle, but when the car picked up speed, she let go."

Her fearlessness proved fatal. Loginova died on the scene from serious cranial injuries. The vehicle was later found abandoned in southern Moscow.

Luxury car theft is common in Moscow. Loginova told Maxim magazine in a recently taped interview that she fought off a car thief just four months ago.

"I stepped out of my car and closed the door when I suddenly saw a young man near me. He grabbed me by the arm in which I was holding the car keys," she was quoted as saying.

"By reflex, I used a jiu-jitsu technique. I twisted his arm and hit him on the face with my elbow. The guy obviously was not expecting such a reaction. He fell down on the rear windshield, which gave me enough time to grab my gun. He immediately jumped into his Honda and drove away,"

Those who knew her said she was never deterred by danger.


For many Russians she was a feminine icon, bridging the glamorous world of modeling and the rough underbelly of Russian crime.

"I think she was kind and sweet, not like a terminator, not like Sigourney Weaver in 'Aliens'" said Igor Cherski from Maxim magazine "but I feel that she was not afraid of anything, there was no fear in her eyes." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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