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The latest on Mumbai areas under attack

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  • NEW: People take cover outside Taj Mahal Hotel after outbreak of gunfire, blasts
  • Soldiers dropped by helicopter at Jewish center; gunfire heard
  • One attacker in Mumbai's Oberoi hotel killed Friday morning, authorities say
  • Indian military official: At least 1 terrorist still in Taj Mahal, likely with hostages
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(CNN) -- At least 125 people have been killed and more than 300 wounded in Mumbai, India's financial capital, a day after gunmen took scores of hostages and targeted several areas in the city, including the Oberoi and Taj Mahal Palace and Tower luxury hotels.

Click links below for the latest on each of the areas under attack:

  • Taj Mahal hotel
  • Oberoi hotel
  • Chabad House
  • Taj Mahal hotel

    Gunfire broke out at the Taj Mahal Hotel on Friday morning, followed by two loud explosions.

    The gunfire started not long after an Indian military official said at least one terrorist remained inside the hotel and that the gunman could be holding two or more hostages.

    "Just a handful" of hotel guests may still be locked in their rooms, fearful for their safety, but those should be evacuated before the afternoon, according to Lt. Gen. N. Thamburaj.

    Gunfire and the "sound of a lady and a gentleman" suggested that one or more militants were still on the loose and holding at least two people captive, Thamburaj said.

    Indian soldiers and police have suffered a number of casualties while fighting the terrorists inside the Taj, he said.

    Shortly before 6 a.m. local time Friday (7:30 p.m. ET Thursday), a woman standing outside the hotel said her sister and niece were inside, locked in their room.

    "I have been here since 3 in the morning on Thursday -- that's nearly 30 hours -- and, as of now, I have whatsoever no information as to what's being done to rescue them," the woman said. She said her relatives had been eating food from the refrigerator in the room.

    On Wednesday, gunmen took control of the hotel, throwing grenades, firing high-powered weapons and taking hostages. Some witnesses reported that the gunmen asked for people with British and American passports. For much of the night, fires burned throughout the hotel, and blasts, believed to be from grenades, were heard.

    Oberoi hotel

    At least 25 people, including at least one infant, who were initially thought to have been escorted out Oberoi Hotel on Friday morning were actually guests at the adjacent Trident Hotel, an Oberoi spokesman clarified.

    The two hotels are connected by a common corridor and are both managed by the Oberoi group, spokesperson Ketaki Narayan told CNN.

    J.K. Dutt, the director-general of India's National Security Guard, told CNN-IBN, CNN's sister network in India, that one of the gunmen at the Oberoi was killed at 1 a.m. Friday (2:30 p.m. ET Saturday). He said he couldn't say for sure how many gunmen are still holed up in the hotel.

    About a half-hour earlier, Dutt said that two attackers remained in the Oberoi and that authorities were trying to "engage" them, CNN-IBN reported.

    A major fire that flared Thursday at the Oberoi appears to have been extinguished, CNN's Andrew Stevens reported from the scene.

    As many as 20 people were thought to be inside the hotel Thursday night, an official said. Among the hostages inside the Oberoi were seven Italian citizens, including a mother and a toddler, the Italian Foreign Ministry said.

    Chabad House

    A gunbattle broke out early Friday between government soldiers and militants holed up inside Chabad House, where a rabbi, his wife and perhaps others were being held.

    A helicopter, making three passes in 40 minutes, dropped about two dozen soldiers onto the building's roof. The first drop happened about 7:10 a.m. local time Friday (8:40 p.m. ET Thursday), CNN sister station CNN-IBN reported.

    After the last drop, five or six heavy explosions and small-arms fire could be heard.

    Other soldiers took positions on adjacent buildings that had been evacuated Thursday night.

    The operation came after grenades were tossed from inside the structure toward anyone approaching the building, three such explosions occurred in four hours.

    Movement by government troops appeared imminent shortly before dawn, when several police officers, fire trucks and at least one ambulance pulled up to the five-story structure in Mumbai.

    Authorities said gunmen had been inside the building since Wednesday night. Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg, the city's envoy for the community, and his wife were among those being held, according to a member of the Hasidic Jewish movement.

    A six-member Israeli rescue team was at the scene to assist Indian authorities. The team had left Israel on Thursday afternoon.

    Two women and a child were seen escaping from the building Thursday, but three or four residents remained captive, said Johny Joseph, chief secretary of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

    Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Sandra Samuel, a cook for the center who had barricaded herself in a room in the house, said she grabbed a toddler whom she identified as Holtzberg's son and fled the building with another person.

    "I took the child. I just grabbed the baby and ran out," Samuel told Haaretz.

    Chabad spokesman Moni Ender, who is in Israel, told the newspaper that eight Israelis were in the house.


    Police said gunmen, before Friday, fired indiscriminately from the building. Stray bullets killed a couple in their home and a 16-year-old boy who stepped outside, police said

    The five-story Chabad House is a Mumbai landmark formerly known as the Nariman House.

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