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News that Britain's Prince Harry had been deployed to Afghanistan since December was kept secret by many news outlets for security reasons. A Web site broke the news blackout Thursday. We have been appealing for your views on the news blackout. The following are a selection of your replies:

I am very surprised and impressed at the media's ability to keep Prince Harry's deployment under wraps for 10 weeks. I do not believe the general public has the "right to know" every detail of any individual's life. Where did we change into such an exploitive society instead of one where there was some discretion and common sense. Regardless of whether you believe he should be there, good for the media in giving him a small opportunity to live a normal life. I wish it hadn't been an American web site to break the story! Robin Brekke, Colorado, United States

I think the secret of Prince Harry's escapade should have been sustained 'til completion of his mission. My candid advice is that he be sent back home immediately. Tony, Nigeria Read full article »

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