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At least two members of the Colombian rebel group FARC were offered money to switch sides and deliver bogus orders as part of last week's rescue of 15 FARC hostages, a source close to Colombian military intelligence told CNN Wednesday.

The Colombian military and government has repeatedly denied that any ransom payment was made for the hostages -- who included Ingrid Betancourt, a prominent Colombian politician, three Americans and 11 Colombian police officers and soldiers who had been held captive in the jungle for years. They were freed in an elaborate ruse hatched and carried out by secret Colombian agents posing as leftist rebels. The hostages climbed onto what they thought was a FARC flight, only to find they were headed to freedom.

Despite insistence from the military and the government that no money changed hands in connection with the operation, the source told CNN recently that it did in the months leading up to the rescue. Read full article »

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