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(CNN) -- On Monday, federal prosecutors unsealed an affidavit that details a rendezvous in a Washington hotel room last month between a prostitute and "Client 9," who a CNN source says is New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. That afternoon Spitzer addressed the press and apologized for letting voters and his family down.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer addresses the media on Monday.

Now, some leaders are calling for Spitzer to step down from his post as governor, a position that Spitzer rose to with tenacity and a penchant for rooting out corruption, earning himself the nickname "the dragon-slayer."

Some readers say that they feel even more betrayed by Spitzer because of his reputation for fighting corruption. Others say that, as long as he is doing a good job as governor, his private matters should remain private. Below are a selection of responses from our readers, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

John Juhasz of East Setauket, New York
Well ... he blew it as far as I'm concerned. True, he's only human, but he is in a high-level public position and should've known better.

Sorry, but here's someone who was also Attorney General who oversaw various related scandals. His credibility is definitely in jeopardy. He should resign.

Don Persons of Elyria, Ohio
This is not a scandal involving misuse of position or public funds. Take this immediately off the politics section and put it where it belongs: a footnote in the lifestyle section. I don't care about which party is "guilty" or which "key" state they are from. Stop this!

Mel Grove of Deer Creek, Minnesota
I don't understand how he could get so arrogant or reckless. After the Republican and Wall Street people he had prosecuted and sent to prison, I can't believe he would not know they would be watching every breath he took.

"Concerned Citizen" of New York, New York
I think it's unfortunate that news of this nature causes so much anxiety, turmoil and political upheaval. Like other politicians who have been involved in sexual scandals, this is a personal matter that he has to handle with his family. Something of this nature would have been a side story in Europe.

On the other hand, we have laws that prohibit prostitution and he, being a prosecutor, should have known what the legal consequences are. The irony is that legal consequences are few, but political ones many. If so many politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, enjoy the company of prostitutes, why not legalize it? Let's stop the hypocrisy. Why didn't Mr. Spitzer take a trip to Nevada and for less money and greater discretion enjoy some of the benefits of a right that visitors to that state enjoy?

Kevin Rundle of Victoria, British Colombia
The prosecution should show him the same amount of mercy he displayed when he was a prosecutor. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Mohammed Sbia of Salt Lake City, Utah
I believe that if Gov. Spitzer has engaged in this behavior for months or years, repeatedly, then he has to step down ASAP. But if this behavior is recent and is his first, then I believe (if this is not a crime), the man needs to get a second chance. He has done tremendous work for NY and the country.

At the end, his career may very well be over. His work as DA will not be forgotten. I wish him the best.

Lynn Gray of Verbank, New York
If all Congress was cleared of men who had been with prostitutes -- including interstate transactions -- the Congress would be just about empty. Lets get European and leave personal to personal and political leadership to leadership. It is absurd that a political career would be in jeopardy because of sexual activity during personal time. The people who condemn this the most are often offenders themselves. Such hypocrisy.

"Johnny Lawless" of Brownsville, Texas
When it has become suspicious to transfer your own money from one account to another, the terrorists have won.

What IS suspicious is that a corrupt Bush Justice Department would be wiretapping the most hated man on Wall Street? All because he wanted to spend his own money? It doesn't make sense.

Why is no one asking how long the Bushies have been wiretapping the Governor and what other Democratic politicians are being wiretapped?

Spitzer should admit his sins but stay on. If they threw everyone out in Washington with sexual sins there would not be anyone left. Did Larry Craig resign yet?

"Small investor" of West Windsor, New Jersey
Spitzer is the best friend of small investors in this country. While the Fed is sleeping on the wheel, Spitzer cleaned up those fat rats on the Wall Street and the insurance industry. I am not surprised at all that those rats will jump on him whenever they get a chance. The Fed should focus on how to clean up the subprime mess instead of being interested in what is going on in guy's private bedroom.

Nancy Hruby of Bismarck, North Dakota
Governor Spitzer should resign right now. People in this country are fed up with the holier than thou politicians. Think of the money that man is making as Governor for the State of New York and he can't keep his pants zipped! His wife should sue him for everything he is worth plus more. The humiliation that man just put his family through is unthinkable.

Anthony Satariano of Boulder, Colorado
This is just like Clinton. Who cares? It is not affecting his job. ... Bush might be morally perfect, but look at out country now. ... I don't care when and where someone is having sex, as long as they take care of the country, and do their job right.


Corey Skinner of Rochester, New York
As a New York State Democrat I was thrilled when Elliot Spitzer swept into the Governor's office. For my entire adult life I have watched as business in New York State remained deadlocked due to personality conflicts amongst our elected officials. Despite a rocky start I remained convinced that Governor Spitzer would change this situation, but yesterday that faith came to crashing halt. Governor Spitzer's actions show a blatant disregard for not only his poor family, but for all of the Democrats who counted on him to repair our fractured state. The only thing I am left to hope for, is a quick resignation, so that we of the Democratic persuasion can begin picking up the pieces.

Katie Kim of Little Ferry, New Jersey
Governor Spitzer should not resign. It's sad that his family had to find out about his leisure activity, but he's a competent leader who is driven by execution. He is the most intelligent and talented governor in this country and in fact, he will make a great president in 2016. The state is losing a great talent should Spitzer resign. The lives of New Yorkers will be affected with Spitzer out of the office. The public will forgive him eventually, I'm just not sure if his family would. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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