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Where do you begin in a city of this size? How about at the lively South Bank of the Thames, near Waterloo Station? Start with a spin on the London Eye, a colossal Ferris that will take you up 130 meters for an unmatched view of the city.

When you've made it back to terra firma stroll east along the river, past the Royal Festival Hall and the uncompromisingly brutalist National Theatre, navigating the crowds that cluster around the street entertainers.

Following the Thames Path will lead you to the Tate Modern. This gallery is housed in a converted power station, a space that is as stunning and modern as its collection of art works. Don't miss Mark Rothko's nine haunting "Seagram Murals", collected in one atmospherically lit room.

Just beyond the Tate Modern is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a 1997 reconstruction of the open-air playhouse where Shakespeare once worked. You can watch an authentic performance from April to October or visit the year-round exhibition on the bard's life and times.

If your legs are up to it, continue up the river past the Golden Hinde and Southwark Cathedral to the iconic Tower Bridge. Cross the bridge, pausing to admire the view, and climb Tower Hill to the Tower Of London. Read full article »

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