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Trend spotting: Oltrarno

Despite only being on the other side of the Arno, this hip, historic district often gets missed amid Florence's titanic list of must-sees -- which is great news for everyone who does make it there. It's not exactly off the beaten track but it does have a different feel to the rest of Florence. It was originally a working class neighborhood and you will find lots of artisan shops and local restaurants. For nightlife head to the San Niccolo neighborhood which is popular with local young folk; for sightseeing, the Pitti Palace is right on your doorstep.

What to wear

Dressing down is not in the Florentine vocabulary. As a first time visitor, it won't take long to notice that everyone in the city, from granny to the kids, flaunts the latest fashions proudly. So if you want to blend in, think high fashion -- which is lucky, because you're in the perfect place to buy it. Read full article »

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