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Tanya Gray, 28, works at a preschool in Florence, where she has lived for the last two years. She first moved to the city seven years ago from her home in Luxemburg, when she and a friend decided to travel to Italy's cultural capital to enroll as students.

While there she fell in love, and over the following years she was either in the city or planning her next trip there.

CNN: Hi Tanya. What were your initial impressions on coming to Florence?

Tanya: It's a very beautiful city, it's very young and there are always things to do: there's always a party; there's always something going on. And that was very different from Luxemburg for me -- Luxemburg is a very small place and there's not much going on, but in Florence there is so much energy.

I was expecting something a lot more like Rome, a lot bigger. Florence is one of those places that is not too big, but it's still a city, so wherever you go you meet different people, it's not that everyone knows everything about you. But it's small enough so that you can walk everywhere. I don't have a car, and walk everywhere. Read full article »

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