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'Fun little' Bluetooth headset has tiny controls

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  • The Jabra BT3010 has a passable sound quality
  • The device has tiny controls and a rather stiff ear hook
  • Features include last number redial, voice dialing support, call waiting
  • It has a rated talk time of 8 hours and a rated standby time of 12.5 days
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By Nicole Lee
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(CNET) -- When the Jabra BT160 came out last year, we praised it for being one of the first Bluetooth headsets to come with interchangeable cover designs.

It doesn't add anything to its features or performance of course, but it's a nice touch for those who are keen on personalizing their gadgets.

Jabra has released its successor, dubbed the BT3010.

The BT3010 has pretty much the same features and sound quality as the BT160, but it has a slightly different design, with as many as 33 different design covers included in the package.

You can even design your own cover by visiting However, we were not pleased with the tiny controls.

If you don't mind these slight drawbacks, the Jabra BT3010 is a fun little Bluetooth headset with passable sound quality available for about $29.99.

Aside from the interchangeable cover designs, the BT3010 looks like a normal Bluetooth headset. Measuring 2.0 inches long by 0.9 inch wide by 0.4 inch thick, the BT3010 has a very simple all-black plastic casing.

The front cover is transparent, which you can take off to replace the design faceplates. At the very top of the design cover are three buttons -- the multifunction button in the middle and two volume buttons on either side.

We thought all three buttons were a little too small for our liking, even though they are all sufficiently raised above the surface of the headset. The two volume buttons are especially tiny. The multifunction button also houses the LED indicator light.

Turn the headset over and you'll find a simple rubberized earpiece plus an optional ear hook. We found that the earpiece fits a little loosely in the ear, so we needed the ear hook to keep it in place.

The ear hook can be rotated to fit on either ear. However, we were disappointed that the ear hook is not nearly as flexible as the ones on other Jabra headsets, such as the BT125.

The earpiece itself fits comfortably within the folds of the ear just outside the ear canal. However, it's not the most comfortable headset we've worn, but it's good enough for short time periods.

We tested the Jabra BT3010 with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl. Call quality was decent, but nothing spectacular. Callers reported that our voice sounded a tad muffled and there was a bit of hiss and static in the background.

They could still hear us just fine, but only in quieter environments such as in a car or the office. For us, we could hear them without a problem, though again, there was more distortion in noisier situations.

Other features of the BT3010 include the regular answering, ending, and rejecting calls, last number redial, voice dialing support, call waiting, three-party calling, and the capability to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa.

The BT3010 also comes with a carrying strap.

It has a rated talk time of 8 hours and a rated standby time of 12.5 days.

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