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Biography: Tino Schaedler

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  • Tino Schaedler is a leading authority on progressive film design
  • Schaedler has designed digital sets on on several big budget productions
  • He worked for three years as an architect before moving into film industry
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Tino Schaedler's impact as a virtual set designer is the result of years of experience in architecture and visual effects.

Tino Schaedler is a digital set designer who has worked on "The Golden Compass" and a "Harry Potter" film.

Tino Schaedler is a digital set designer who has worked on "The Golden Compass" and a "Harry Potter" film.

Described as something of a "chimera," Schaedler seems to thrive on working on a variety of projects.

He is a leading authority on progressive film design, an established art director, digital set designer and trained architect.

An acclaimed designer, Schaedler has created digital sets on on several big-budget movie productions, including Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "The Golden Compass" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

Schaedler worked for three years in the offices of Daniel Libeskind and Barkow Leibinger architects before moving into the film industry.

During his three-year stint with the renowned architects, Schaedler also took up a teaching position at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin where he taught Studio Digital Analog for three semesters.

"Through my work with the students I realized my interest in film and also for narrative spaces, because that was kind of the bridging element for me," Schaedler explained to CNN.

He later studied at the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam, UC Berkeley, USA and the Vancouver Film School in Canada.

This is where he realized the potential for architectural design and representation using 3D modeling software packages, which he has used extensively to design his new age sets.

He has since established himself as a forward-thinking artist, one who embraces rapidly changing technology.

Schaedler is a member of the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles and its Technology Committee. He recently received an award for excellence in production design from the guild for his work on "The Golden Compass."

Schaedler was born in Hanover, Germany in 1972 and studied architecture at the University of Hanover.

In 2007 he co-founded NAU, a cross-disciplinary design collective positioned between architecture and film with Michael J. Brown and Jean-Lucien Gay.

He has also been working in a new project entitled "Immersive Space" (Cocoon), which is developing new ways of interacting across the web and beyond in 3D. In addition, Tino is also developing his first range of furniture, entitled "OpenCode."

Tino Schaedler works on blending fantasy and reality together, and as he says, "likes to believe that nothing is impossible."

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