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Free for All - world's most entertaining national league

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  • Which national club competition is the most exciting in the world?
  • Do you think the Premier League is boring or entertaining?
  • What do you think of Asian club competitions? Are they the most exciting?
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Football fans -- your chance to have YOUR say and stimulate debate on CNN is here!

Entertaining? You may think England's Premier League is the best quality competition, but is it the most exciting?

We have had LOTS of debate on our Top 10 stories, and now we are starting Football Fanzone's discussion board -- Free for All -- where every week we will set you talking with the issues and debates that matter to every football fan.

This week we want you to tell us: Which national league is the most entertaining in the world?

Many would argue the English Premier League is the best quality competition in the world, but is it the most entertaining? Does a goal-less draw on a gloomy day in the north of England satisfy you?

Maybe you can be the person to convince the millions of English football fans that their competition is NOT the most entertaining! Or do you think it is?

The U.S Major League Soccer is reaching an exciting climax, but some other European competitions have been just as entertaining and it's only mid-season.

In Germany there have been questions raised over the standard of refereeing, while in Spain we have seen some surprise early results to keep the competition lively.

We have mentioned some wonderful competitions, but we still haven't talked about Italy, or Turkey - which has some vicious rivalries - and what about Australia's A-League? Have you considered the J-League and K-League competitions in Asia?

Tell us in the Sound Off box below which national league is the world's most entertaining and why. We'll publish the best comments, and you can see what others think of your ideas.

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