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Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen 'a stranger to me'

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  • Actress says of her ex: "I do not know this person. And I have children with him"
  • On her reality show: "The show's not about my children ... They're in it very little"
  • On breakup of Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora: "I did not break up the marriage"
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Actress Denise Richards joined "Larry King Live" on Monday where she talked about her relationship with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, and her new reality show, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated," which premieres on E! May 26.


Denise Richards says her children are not being exploited in her new reality TV show.

King: What is the situation between you and Charlie right now?

Richards: Well, honestly, the situation is not good. We don't communicate.

King: Was it a turbulent, violent marriage?

Richards: It was not a very healthy marriage. We're very different people. We have different beliefs on a lot of things. We have different lifestyles. Not to say one's right or one's wrong. We just didn't fit.

King: Was it a very strong attachment to begin with?

Richards: Yes, right away. Video Watch Denise Richards talk about her relationship with Charlie Sheen »

King: You ever still have feelings of caring for him?

Richards: He's a stranger to me. It's the strangest thing. I can run in to any ex-boyfriend or anyone I've had a relationship and there's that bond that's there, and the familiarity, and the friendship and everything else. And with Charlie, he truly is -- I do not know this person. And I have children with him.

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King: Why did you include your young daughters in the show? Because there might be some people who say that's exposing them.

Richards: Well, in making a decision to do a reality show, I needed to commit to that and I wanted it to be real. And the reality is I'm a single mom to two little girls. The show's not about my children. They aren't featured in the show. And they are definitely not being exploited. They're in it very little.

King: They're not?

Richards: No.

King: Do you worry about a possible negative effect on them?

Richards: It's only the show. They are very unaware of the cameras. We're just doing everyday life and it's being filmed. I wish people could at least watch the first episode and then make a decision. A lot of people have said I've exploited my kids. And that goes into a broader area. Are child actors being exploited?

King: Some people think, yes.

Richards: They do. And for my ex-husband, it wasn't consistent with his reasoning. And he had no problem, originally, when I asked him about the show.

King: He didn't?

Richards: Originally, he was fine with it and he signed a waiver that I was able to have the kids come.

King: Has he changed his mind?

Richards: He changed his mind.

King: And is now complaining about it?

Richards: He was not happy with it and that's why we went to court, to see if I could have the kids in the show.

King: And you did win?

Richards: I did. I get to have them in the show. But they're in it very little.

King: Explain the Richie Sambora thing. He was married to your longtime friend Heather Locklear. Let's clear this up. Heather has been on this show. How did that happen?

Richards: I get asked this a lot, as well. I met Heather through Charlie. They worked together on "Spin City." The four of us were friends. And shortly after Charlie and I split up, Heather and I -- our friendship disintegrated.

King: Because of Richie?

Richards: No, not because of Richie. And then Richie and I, we were friends and they were going through their divorce. She had already filed for divorce.

King: So you didn't break up that marriage?

Richards: I did not break up the marriage.


King: Do you miss being in a relationship?

Richards: I miss a healthy relationship. I definitely don't want to be in a relationship to be in a relationship. But, you know, I -- when things were good with Charlie, I loved being a wife. I loved being married. I'm a relationship type of person. I love that partnership. And it was very sad when it ended.

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