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Seacrest: Cheap shots with Cowell are real

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  • Larry King talks with "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest
  • Seacrest gives his take on the two finalists
  • Seacrest also gives inside scoop on backstage drama of show
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(CNN) -- "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest talked with Larry King on Thursday about next week's finale. The show is down to its last two contestants: David Archuleta and David Cook.


Larry King talks with "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest about the two finalists, both named David.

King also got the inside scoop on the backstage drama, the father reportedly booted from rehearsals and Paula Abdul.

Larry King: Tell us what you think of the finalist David Archuleta.

Ryan Seacrest: David Archuleta is extremely comfortable and poised and powerful when he sings. And then he almost becomes a different guy when you chat with him because he's...

King: He's going to be a bad guest?

Seacrest: I wouldn't say he's going to be a bad guest, but you might need extra questions because, you know, some guests speak longer than others. He's a little uncomfortable and fidgety when he's not singing, but he's a master with the songs. So he's got a great chance of winning.

And then the other one, David Cook, is very different. He's a rocker. He's a nice guy. And he's been through quite a bit. But here we are, you know, it's the big dance. Video Watch Seacrest talk about the two Davids »

King: They'll both be on this show next Friday. Now, Archuleta's father, Jeff, is he a stage dad?

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Seacrest: Well, he's there often. And let me say this about Jeff. He's always been very kind to me. I've talked to him in the elevator. We just talked about general things, you know, what do you like about L.A., how are you doing here with the competition, are you enjoying yourself?

And he's been very cordial, very sweet, very nice. I've never seen him do anything wrong. But there were stories -- and I don't have the official story. There were stories that they removed him backstage because he was coaching too much.

King: Was he banished or you don't know?

Seacrest: He was on the set this week and he was in the seats this week. So he was definitely there this week.

King: We have an e-mail from Joseph in Fort Worth: "I think the show 'American Idol' might be getting stale. Do you agree that it's time to replace some of the judges?"

Seacrest: Well, I love the judges. I don't think we should replace the judges. I think that we should figure out ways to make it unpredictable. That's probably the key word.

King: How could it be predictable if you're picking a winner?

Seacrest: It's -- sometimes the mechanics of the show are predictable. I mean, sometimes I even feel like I'm going to the same place, sort of doing the same thing and it's just part of the mechanics of the show. So maybe we need to adjust some of those mechanics. But unpredictability is always fun in life, do you agree?

King: Now, there are rumors around that you possibly might get a female co-host. Simon has reportedly, I don't know, said this ... about getting rid of you and Randy and Paula and replacing you all with fresh talent.

Have you heard that?

Seacrest: That's shocking. He wants to be on the show himself. He'll do it all. I haven't heard that, but I would love it. And I make the offer to him now on worldwide television. Simon, I would love to job swap for you with ... one episode, one night ... feel free to host the show. He's so afraid of standing up, number one. He doesn't like to stand. And number two, he can't really speak for more than three sentences at a time. He gets nervous.

King: He couldn't host the show?

Seacrest: I'm positive he couldn't host the show. And I'm positive he'd actually tell you that off the air.

King: An e-mail from Griselda in Cooper City: "All those cheap shots you and Simon Cowell take on each other, real or playing a part?"

Seacrest: Oh, they're real in the moment. They're real.

King: At the moment they are real?

Seacrest: Oh, yes. At the moment, they're real. Yes, at the moment, they're real. Like I said, we're competitive. And I mean, you know, I can always tell when he has nothing to say. And it's rare, but I can always tell when he has no comeback because he just laughs and smiles or he leans to Paula and says, "What did he say?"

King: And what about Paula's confused behavior, recently criticizing contestant Jason Castro for a second song that he hadn't even sung?

Seacrest: I remember that night. ... I think she may have seen the rehearsal and been confused about what she saw at the rehearsal. But I remember that night they did literally, seconds before the contestant finished singing the song, they said, Ryan, go out there, bring them all out and let's get the judges' feedback on just that round. Originally, the judges weren't going to give feedback in that round. So there was a curve ball that caused confusion to everybody. But that's live TV.

King: There were rumors you were going to join CNN, which, we can tell viewers, there's nothing to that.


Seacrest: No, the only rumor is we're having dinner Thursday. That's true.

King: That's true.

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