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George Carlin, 71, the award-winning comic, known for his often profane, memorable monologues and routines, died Sunday of heart failure.

In this 2001 interview with Larry King, the comic talked about where he got his comedic inspiration and the story behind his famous "Seven Dirty Words" skit.

Larry King: How would you describe what you do?

George Carlin: I have three things I draw from -- always have. The English language, like the "takes the cake" thing. I love inspecting and taking apart language, things we say, trendy talk sometimes, old sayings, whatever. And then, the little world, the kind of world Jerry Seinfeld investigated to a great high level. What's in the ice box, how you drive, pets, the things in your life, things we all know.

And then what I call the big issues, but not topical. Not political in the small sense. Genocide, is good, love, you know, hatred, people dying, people getting killed, race. Anything that is stuff that will never be solved. Read full article »

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