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In this high-stakes election, Americans are making use of every available opportunity to get the word out about the candidates and issues. For some, that means making Halloween political.

Many of these people shared their Halloween politicking on A few of them, like Mark Weyermuller of Wilmette, Illinois, have gone all-out, turning their yards into full-on political displays. Weyermuller's features life-size figures of Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin, and he says he's waiting for his Joe Biden mask to arrive in the mail. He also has a sign up -- held by a witch, appropriately -- that reads "Witch do you like for vice-president?"

"We do this every year with current event figures," said Weyermuller, adding that "The political characters tend to scare the neighbors and the kids more then most traditional ghosts and goblins." Read full article »

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