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Commentary: It's not Hillary's role to attack Sarah Palin

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  • Jane Condon: I was a fervent Hillary supporter but liked Palin's speech
  • If Hillary had been the VP candidate, Obama would have won, Condon says
  • Condon: Hillary shouldn't attack Palin; that's Joe Biden's job as VP choice
  • Hillary should ask voters to vote for her party to advance causes, Condon says
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By Jane Condon
Special to CNN
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Editor's Note: Jane Condon is a comedian who has appeared on "The View," "Girl's Night Out" and "Last Comic Standing." Visit her Web site.

Jane Condon, a Hillary Clinton supporter, says Sarah Palin is smart, feisty and funny.

GREENWICH, Connecticut (CNN) -- What's great about the campaign now is that I don't have a dog in the fight.

I am (and always will be) a Hillary Clinton supporter. Now that Our Girl has had her chance, I and many of the quiet women like me will vanish into the woodwork.

We never really were that political. We just knew she was the most qualified person running for president. And yes, she was a woman, so we felt called to help her. (Finally, one of ours!)

She played in the big leagues, and she lost. Obama won and had every right to pick his own vice president. Well, we women felt a little dissed that he didn't even vet Our Girl. But again, that's his choice.

I believe if he'd picked Our Girl, he would have won the national election. (Eighteen million is a lot of voters. She, most likely, would have delivered Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida and Michigan to him.)

If Obama had picked Our Girl, most likely, Sarah Palin would not have been the vice presidential choice. Sensing the national hunger for a female candidate, however, the Republicans (or let's give the man credit -- John McCain) picked one instead.

Here's the tricky part. Women do not consider women interchangeable. Hillary and Sarah are about as far apart as two candidates could be. Hillary is pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-gay. Sarah is pro-life, pro-gun and anti-gay.

Hillary supporters would rarely become Sarah girls. But, out of curiosity, like the rest of America, they did listen to her convention speech. And, by any measure, Gov. Palin gave a helluva speech.

All her family challenges became positives. She had her Down syndrome child, and now she is the advocate for children with special needs. Her eldest son doesn't go to college? She's a military mom! He's going to Iraq! And her teenage daughter who became pregnant?

Well, Sarah's messy family began to look like everyone else's messy family, and thus she awakened the quiet women of her party. The Conservative Christians. The Hockey Moms. They are so energized you can feel it.

I'll say this: I like the cut of your jib, Sarah Palin. You're smart and funny and feisty. I get the feeling that nobody pushes around The Sarah. (And we women are tired of being pushed around.)

I can't vote for you because we are on the opposite side of the issues. I don't vote for people just because they have a uterus. But I sincerely hope you and your quiet women have a great ride, just the way we did. Give 'em hell, Sarah!

This week, the drums are beating for Hillary to attack Sarah. I don't think she should. I don't think she would. Being the pit bull is the job of the vice presidential candidate.

Obama's people made their choice after a long, exhaustive search. I wish Sen. Joe Biden luck. Although he clearly has more knowledge and experience than the governor of Alaska, he has a delicate task ahead. If he uses too heavy a hand with Sarah, women will turn on him. I don't envy him his job.

How can Hillary help the ticket though? The dust will eventually settle on the Sarah phenomenon. Hillary should do as she has always done -- articulate the issues. Soldier on.

Trust the American people, in the end, to ask who is on their side. Who feels the same way about health care, taxes, the economy and Iraq? About gun control, gays and choice?

Hillary is reminding me to vote for the Democrats, because their issues and positions are my issues and positions. Tip O'Neill, late speaker of the House, always said that people liked to be asked for their vote. That should be Hillary's job. Ask for our vote, and we will give it to you. Or perhaps I should say, your party.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer.

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