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Sen. Joe Biden will make his first appearance before the Democratic National Convention as his party's vice presidential nominee Wednesday night, but the real drama of the evening may come from former President Clinton and what he says about Sen. Barack Obama.

"I think things are actually progressing better than maybe some of us might have thought in terms of the relationship between the two of them," said Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor.

"They haven't known each other very well or very long. And Sen. Obama ran against his wife, and there's still some bruised feelings, but I think the president and Sen. Obama are trying very hard to reach across that divide."

As the Democrats gather for their third day in Denver, the theme of the night will be national security. The Forum: What's your view on national security?

But a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll out Wednesday suggests that national security issues may be a weakness for the Democrats. Voters surveyed in the poll preferred Obama's Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, over the Illinois Democrat on two top national security issues: terrorism and the war in Iraq. Read full article »

CNN's Jason Carroll contributed to this report.

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