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iReporters blast Jackson for Obama comments

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  • iReporters say the Rev. Jesse Jackson no longer relevant
  • Several said he does not speak for black America
  • Pragmatic1 called his comments "beneath contempt"
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(CNN) -- The Rev. Jesse Jackson is under fire after accusing Sen. Barack Obama of "talking down to black people,' and making what he has called a "crude and hurtful" remark about the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Jim Lavery gives his translation of  Jesse Jackson's comments in an editorial cartoon posted on

Jim Lavery gives his translation of Jesse Jackson's comments in an editorial cartoon posted on

Jackson quickly apologized, but many people, including his own son, blasted him over the comments.

We asked users what they thought of what Jackson had to say, and about Jackson's relevance in today's political landscape.

The response was overwhelmingly negative.

iReporter BoSoxGuy said: "Thank goodness, Jesse is simply no longer relevant. He has been a divisive force in this country for far too many years, and seems now, to only be interested in grabbing the spotlight, wherever it may be." Video Watch Jackson's controversial comments »

The closest thing to a defense for Jackson's comments came from user nuts4obama.

"I think we've all trashed-talked a friend behind their back before, the difference is you should not do it on Fox News with a mic on... The little green devil of envy seems to have clouded the good Rev's judgment. Grow old gracefully Jesse, you've had your day and the sunset has arrived."

Below is a selection of responses; some have been edited for length or clarity:

bryantg of Columbus, Ohio: "Jesse has not done anything for the black people but ride Dr. Martin Luther King's coat tails. He needs to go somewhere and get a real job and shut the hell up.

"His statements were pure hateful and envious. He just cannot stand not being in the spotlight. I am a 47-year-old educated black man and I challenge anyone to show me what Jesse has really done for black people but take their money. He has a lot of nerve talking about Obama talking down to black people when all he did was basically rap in his speeches. I consider that as talking down to me."

sherri2008 from North Carolina: "Jesse Jackson doesn't have a voice in my home, and neither is he a voice of my community or for black people. Jesse is a feeder -- he feeds off everyone around him to make himself look important.

"I have no respect for this man and whatever comes out of his mouth is disregarded by me. So do his comments matter? Hell no. It may matter to McCain supporters, because they will use whatever they can to subliminally put race into the issues, but blacks, with a 90 percent support rate, are not as divided as the media would like us to think. It's the whites that are divided." °

Pragmatic1 of Flower Mound, Texas: "Jackson is not relevant and has not been for a long time. However, had this comment been made by a white person, you can rest assured that all hell would have broken loose.

"Jackson's comment about Obama 'talking down to black people' was clearly racist. The rest of the comment, '...I want to cut his nuts off' was incendiary, threatening and beneath contempt. His 'apology' -- that he didn't know the mic was on -- is not an apology at all.

"Why are we not shouting from the rafters that this man needs to make amends and then shut his mouth? How dare he threaten a United States senator and a candidate for president?"

dbest : "I don't get it! Finally we have a black man that has the potential to fill the highest office in the world and we have another black man that stood beside the greatest preacher and civil rights worker in history and he has negative remarks overheard. What else goes on behind closed doors?"

dunhill: "Jesse once again proves what a moron he is. He should get out of politics and go back to shaking down corporations. And shame on the Chicago Sun Times! He's a columnist there -- and had a white person said what he said he would be standing in line waiting to kiss Jesse's ring. Thank God his son has the class to spank him for what he did."

placid: "Obama is right on in calling for personal responsibility and positive fatherhood role models among the African-American community. He joins such good people as Bill Cosby and others who have the courage and honesty to focus on this subject.


"Jesse Jackson is soo-o-o-o wrong in stating that Obama is 'talking down to blacks.' When out-of-wedlock births among blacks outnumber births by married women, the results on society are negative."

cisco001: "As a black male living in South Los Angeles, I can tell you that Jesse Jackson has never spoken for blacks that I know (and I know quite a few)! Jealousy is apparent, but even with saying that, Jackson's apology is not an apology, but an excuse. He should be fired from whatever position he has!"

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